The Emerging Nations World Championship is a celebration of Rugby League’s global expansion and diverse communities.

It features nations where the sport of Rugby League is still developing and were not represented in the recent Rugby League World Cup.

Teams from across the globe will compete in the ENWC, which will take place in Australia later this year. It will be a convergence of communities never seen before in Rugby League, featuring representatives from across Asia, the Pacific, Europe and further afield.

The event is both competitive and exhibitory, drawing attention to the fact the sport is now played in more than 50 countries.

Rugby League continues to be a sport open to all social classes. It is a pure contest which rewards natural instinct, and is uncomplicated by technicalities and expensive equipment requirements.

The game’s popularity is also reflective of its ability to serve as a vehicle for positive life changes, as demonstrated by many of the participants in the ENWC.

Their stories include improvements in their fitness, employment prospects, social interaction, sense of belonging, mental health, travel opportunities and language skills.

Indeed, the ENWC will showcase how the sport can promote unity in communities and foster respect and understanding of alternative cultures.