2018 will be the third iteration of the Emerging Nations World Championship.

The tournament, which was first played in 1995, has been used as a Development tool for the sport, allowing the game’s Tier Two and Three nations to have the opportunity to participate in a major International tournament.

Of the 10 nations which have taken part in the previous two versions of the tournament, six have gone on to play in at least one Rugby League World Cup.


Pool Matches

Group Date Match Venue
Group A 13th Nov Great Britain (BARLA) 60 – 2 Morocco Featherstone
Group B 13th Nov United States 52 – 10 Canada Oxford
Group A 15th Nov Morocco 12 – 8 Japan Hull
Group B 15th Nov Italy 66 – 6 Canada Keighley
Group A 17th Nov Great Britain (BARLA) 54 – 0 Japan Whitehaven
Group B 17th Nov Italy 40 – 16 United States Halifax


Final Date Match Venue
5th Place 20th Nov United States 50 – 10 Morocco Wigan
3rd Place 20th Nov Canada 28 – 12 Japan Wigan
Grand Final 20th Nov Great Britain (BARLA) 20 – 14 Italy Dewsbury



Pool Matches

Group Date Match Venue
Group A 16th Oct Cook Islands 64 – 8 United States Featherstone
Group A 16th Oct Scotland 34 – 9 Russia Featherstone
Group B 16th Oct Ireland 42 – 26 Moldova Rochdale
Group A 18th Oct Cook Islands 58 – 20 Russia Leigh
Group A 18th Oct Scotland 38 – 16 United States Northampton
Group B 18th Oct Moldova 24 – 19 Morocco Northampton
Group A 20th Oct Cook Islands 21 – 10 Scotland Castleford
Group A 20th Oct Russia 28 – 26 United States Warrington
Group B 20th Oct Ireland 42 – 6 Morocco Dewsbury


Final Date Match Venue
Grand Final 24th Oct Cook Islands 22 – 6 Ireland Bury