Africa United

Team: Africa United

2018 Rugby League Confederations Cup Result: 2nd

Regional Representing: The continent of Africa


Africa United Rugby League aims to encourage the spread of rugby league throughout the African community globally and to offer opportunities for Africans to represent their nations and culture on an international stage.

Africa United’s goals extend beyond Rugby League, helping to promote social equity, justice, education, career advancement and health through our work in promoting both rugby league and African cultures as well as to create awareness of the synergies between Anglo and African cultures, and respect and appreciation for the differences.


Jordan Adebumowa (Nigeria)
Isaac Akuoko (Ghana)
Isaac Becu-Geri (Uganda)
Bill Benjamin (South Sudan)
Geofery Duku-Geri (South Sudan)
Danyal Dut (South Sudan)
Moung Dut (South Sudan)
Safawo Eggu
Sabir El Haj (South Sudan)
Fairouz Elkander (Sudan)
Michael James (Sudan)
Benjamin Jegede (Nigeria)
Obed Karwhin (Ivory Coast)
Samuel Karwhin (Ivory Coast)
Alex Laboulet (Mauritius)
Mun Mapiou (South Sudan)
Valere Moise (Congo)
Stemon Mow (South Sudan) (c)
Alphonso Payne (Liberia)
Gak Riec (South Sudan)
Jonathan Saweris (Egypt)
Frederick Solo (Ivory Coast)
Ice Tape (Liberia)
Cedric Yvan Nyamsi (Cameroon)

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2018-10-09 13:00:40October 9, 2018 Africa United v Mediterranean-Middle East18 - 35Regional Championship2018Recap
2018-10-11 13:45:46October 11, 2018 Latin America v Africa United10 - 48Regional Championship2018Recap
2018-10-13 11:00:50October 13, 2018 Regional Final6 - 32Regional Championship2018Recap



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