Team: Magyar Bulls

World Ranking: 21

2018 Rugby League Emerging Nations World Championship Result: 4th


The Magyar Bulls, Hungary’s National Rugby League team was founded in Budapest in May 2011, playing their first international match against the Czech Republic in June of the same year. The Bulls first internationally sanctioned match was played two years later, against Greece.

Hungary’s status as a Rugby League nation was moved to Observer by the Rugby League International Federation in 2013.


Koroly Acsai (Oaks Tigers)
Banjamin Bronzon (UTS Tigers)
Mark Czifra (Elefantok Sport Egysulet)
Andras Eglesz (Mona Vale Raiders)
Aaron Farkas (Windsor)
David Farkas (Penrith Brothers)
Jared Farkas (Windsor Wolves)
Nathan Farkas (Penrith Brothers)
Stuart Flanagan
Jayson Gerecs (Hills District Bulls)
Lenard Grimm (Honved Zrinyi Sport Egysulet)
Josh Institoris (St Marys)
Daniel Ivan (Kawana Dolphins)
Paul Ivan (Brisbane Valleys)
Simon Kalafusz (Reading Raiders)
James Kovac (Oaks Tigers)
Stephen Kovacs
Istvan Krupp (Honved Zrinyi Sport Egysulet)
Zsolt Lukacs (Elefantok Sport Egysulet)
Paul McKewin
Paul Mozar
Billy Mozer (Canterbury)
Lachlyn Mulford (Hills District Bulls)
Gergely Nagy (Honved Zrinyi Sport Egysulet)
Gyula Nikoletti (Elefantok Sport Egysulet)
Joel Saaghy (Five Dock)
Shane Stevens (Easts Campbelltown)
Joseph Toth
Cruize Turay (Milton Ulladulla)
Brent Varga (St Marys)
Josh Warner (Five Dock)
Dane Weatherill (Keighley Cougars)

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2018-10-04 17:00:07October 4, 2018 Hungary v Vanuatu18 - 13Pool B2018Recap
2018-10-10 13:45:35October 10, 2018 Cup Semi Final : Game Two10 - 20Finals2018Recap
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