Latin America

Team: Latin Heat

2018 Rugby League Confederations Cup Result: 4th

Regional Representing: Latin America


Latin American Rugby League (also Latin Heat) allows the 600 million residents of Latin America – and the 100 million Latin American expatriates around the globe – a presence in international rugby league.

The non-for-profit organisation caters not only to the elite players interested in international representation, but also for newcomers interested in learning the game and junior-aged players as well.

Prior to the formation of the Latin Heat, no Latin American team had featured in international rugby league for a decade previous. To qualify for the Latin Heat players must have heritage or long-term residency links to any of the mainland countries from Mexico in the north to Chile and Argentina in the south, plus the Hispanic nations of the Caribbean (Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic).

For the purposes of rugby league development, the Latin Heat also encompasses non-Latino nations of mainland America such as Belize, Guyana and Suriname.


Alvaro Alarcon (El Salvador)
Sebastian Alonso (Argentina)
Petre Betros (Chile)
Patrick Caamano (Chile)
Mana Castillo-Sioni (Chile)
Iziah Esera Catrileo (Chile)
Sean Day (Peru)
Simon De Araujo (Chile/Brazil)
Nick Doberer (Chile)
Alex Eastman (Colombia)
Juan David Espinal (Colombia)
Matt Gardner (Brazil) (c)
John Eugene Araya Garcia (Chile)
Thomas Garrido (Chile/Peru)
Francisco ‘Pancho’ Gaspani (Argentina)
Yeison Alejandro M. Gonzalez (Colombia)
James Horvat (Chile)
Manolo E Fernandez Lara (El Salvador)
Francisco Leiva (Chile)
Anthony Maatouk (El Salvador)
Sebastien Martinez (Colombia)
Kevin McKenzie (Guyana)
Oscar Mendoza (El Salvador)
Rafael Mendoza (El Salvador)
Brad Millar (Chile)
Diego Papa (Uruguay/Argentina)
Gabrielle Papa (Uruguay/Argentina)
Jye Sommers (Peru)
Brandon Tobar (Chile)
Eduardo Wegener (Chile)
Rodrigo Ivan Hernandez Zavala (Mexico)
Andrew Zuluaga (Colombia)

Head Coach: Andrew Charles

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